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peer mentor Leadership Training

You can enroll in the TWTS as a Peer Mentor and take responsibility to guide a small group through the program. Collaborate with the Pro Mentors who are assigned to the Mentor Group and work to maximize the learning and development experience and stand out as a true Servant Leader of Integrity

Student Leaders

A selective development program for student leaders who seek to gain hands-on experience in serving as peer mentors in the TWTS program. 

Intensive Practicum

Peer Mentors will gain real world experience by being responsible for facilitating small groups, leading activities and assessing the development of TWTS students.

Integrated Mentoring

Our professional mentors come alongside the Peer Mentors to support and encourage them as they carry out their leadership role within the TWTS program.

Application Process

Peer Mentor applicants must be of good repute, sound character and be recommended by a qualified personal reference. The application will be completed with an interview.

To apply as a Peer Mentors email for Application Information here


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