What is TWTS? See this animation.

Student Chapters collaborate with CEO Global USA to offer the TWTS Certificate Program.

These student-led campus organizations form the core of our on-campus program. Student Chapter officers and members collaborate with our staff and volunteer professionals to conduct TWTS mentorship programs and workshops. The on campus Student Chapters form a network of members, sponsor a career fair and employment events. Periodic professional development activities for Chapter members are highly regarded and Student Chapter members gain significant advantages in their quest for employment.

TWTS Presenters

CEO Global USA invites experienced and highly successful professionals to share on key topics. Speakers come from high-level executive backgrounds and operate at senior levels of leadership. All of our guest speakers are volunteers who donate their time and talents to invest in the next generation of leaders. See here for a list of regular guest speakers.

Our model is based on a 'life on life' approach and emphasizes experiential learning. We believe that transformational development can only be reached by involving role models who serve as mentors to our students. Local professionals volunteer to mentor small groups of students giving students professional exposure and experienced mentorship. Student participants have opportunities to network, build friendships, develop cross cultural skills and strengthen their understanding of leadership, integrity and purpose.

Student Chapter Membership
and More Information

You can become a member of a TWTS Student Chapter! Members get priority benefits at career networking events and mentorship groups. Plus, members gain valuable resume experience while serving their communities. For more information on becoming a member, see the program page for your particular school.

For any other questions on membership, or starting a CEO Global TWTS Student Chapter at your school, email info@ceoglobalusa.org