Hong Kong

Tourism Plan Information

2019 optional Hong Kong tourism
plans are made and are paid for by the team or participant.
CEO Global will attempt to connect individual International Volunteers with a team that is creating a tourism plan.

2019 Sunshine International Program International Volunteer information
Volunteer overall dates July 13 - 26, 2019

Greetings Sunshine International Program volunteers!

As we look forward to offering the 2019 Sunshine International Program in Hong Kong we wanted to communicate an adjustment that has been made regarding tourism opportunities directly following the program dates.  Beginning in 2019 international volunteers and teams will plan their own tourist activities and housing.

In the past CEO Global has endeavored to offer organized tourism opportunities following the conclusion of the camp.  We now host the SIP in Hong Kong.  The large number of tourism opportunities makes it too difficult for us to satisfactorily arrange this type of experience.   We want that each international volunteer and team has a great experience.  Please be aware of the following change.

Beginning in 2019 we are changing our model.  We now ask all our international volunteers who wish to participate in tourism activities do so by making arrangements directly with a Hong Kong based tour company.  We will provide you with some options and you are also welcome to coordinate with any other tourism company you may prefer.

Please note that due to this adjustment all international volunteers will need to plan to depart the host university campus the day that the camp concludes. We believe this new arrangement will better allow our volunteers to enjoy their free time in Hong Kong by arranging tourism plans according to their interest and by using a local tourism agency. 

One place to begin searching for Hong Kong tourism opportunities is at Trip Advisor. Many other activity planners are available online. Click the link below.