2018 Sunshine International Program
Hong Kong

"I have learned a better way to face failure from the lecture. Failure means nothing but you are now trying to make a breakthrough in fields which you are not that familiar with.   It's not the failure that defines your future, but the attitude you take towards it does….

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - This is the core value of the whole camp. At first I didn't agree with the concept of “servant leader ", as I believe leaders always have more important things to do than serve followers. But now I come the awareness to care for others and try my best to make a better future for my followers is necessary for a successful team.    I will try my best to be a good servant and also a good leader…
I really would have never believed that how deep relationships built in a ten-day camp could be,   if I had not been here.   We promised to each other to keep in touch, and I hope this will be a life-long friendship…”  陈柯佳  电子科技大学 - 

“In my life of 19 years, I never thought that there could be an organization that could change my life in only 10 days.  And TWTS Sunshine International Camp made it!   I learned so many things that I could not learn during my daily life, my ordinary courses and things I never even realized before.   After 10 days’ learning, I become more and more courageous and self-confident; after 10 day’s activities, I realized how important and pivotal  cooperation is in our life; after 10 days communication, I realized that I have the ability and courage to talk to strangers and even foreigners who are very different in all kinds of aspects.   So I can say that TWTS Sunshine International Camp has the ability and qualification to change a person’s whole life in just several days.   Happiness and laughter filled our dormitory and life group.   Finally, he became my good friend too, and when leaving, we couldn’t control our emotions and cried….We cared for each other, helped each other, and so we treated each other like family members.  I learned what is true love, and how to become a true servant leader…  钟岩  西北工业大学 - Northwestern Polytechnic University.
“”…Sunshine international camp is a place where you can be yourself….I was confused when I heard about servant leadership the first time.   I believe many people know the importance of serving others, but maybe we would fail in persisting to put this principle into practice because serve is a word that is easy to understand but hard to put into action.   However Sunshine Camp is a place where amazing things happened. Here, every single one of us practices servant leadership.   The value of caring for each other is what lies behind these sweet behaviors and it is this value that makes the camp shine so bright…”  宁广友  电子科技大学  - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Faces of the 2018 Sunshine International Program