Student Chapters TWTS Promotional Materials Branding Guidelines


Regarding:  Student Chapter produced Program Promotional documents - flyers, emails, posters, etc.

These guidelines are provided for the following reasons:

  • We desire that TWTS on your campus becomes an enduring program.

  • To secure this, you contribute by making the TWTS ‘Brand’ recognizable.

  • Since student chapter participants eventually graduate and are no longer active in college or TWTS, leaving a recognizable ‘brand’ to those who follow you will make their tasks easier and will make TWTS more successful.

  • TWTS and The Way To Success are being trademarked as part of the CEO Global corporate identity.

  • The CEO Global USA logo and wordmark are being trademarked as part of the CEO Global corporate identity.

  • Logo/Wordmark digital files are available below.


1  All promotional material should appropriately place the corporate “Logo/Wordmark” in the design.  
Possibilities include placement at the top as might be seen in a corporate letterhead, or near the left or right margin at the bottom of the document.

Proper display of the corporate logo may be seen in the Branding and Colors PDF and below on this webpage.

2  Make use of ‘TWTS’ or ‘The Way To Success Program’ in the design content, whether for print or digital distribution.

3  Send the design for review to and/or
They will take a quick look and send back any suggestions or approve for distribution.

Thank you for helping to Develop Servant Leaders of Integrity through The Way To Success Program!
Downloadable version of the following document
Downloadable logo/wordmark files

For any other questions on membership, or starting a CEO Global TWTS Student Chapter at your school, email