Sunday May 12 - Tuesday 14 - near Tyler Texas

The 2019 TWTS Leadership Retreat is a unique three day retreat that is rich in content and career development training all conducted in a pleasant and enjoyable live/learn environment.

Retreat Schedule and Registration Info

This exciting part of the TWTS program will be a dynamic weekend of personal enrichment and leadership training.  A full immersion experience in personal and leadership development that will leave you confident and prepared to step into your future. This vital portion of the TWTS program will involve dynamic guest speakers, pro mentors all in an experiential learning environment. This rich learning environment will include training sessions, small group discussions, recreational activities and mentoring.

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The 2018 TWTS Leadership Retreat was a phenomenal success!  Retreat participants hailed from more than 13 different countries.  Students from the University of Arkansas, the University of Texas-Dallas and other individuals gathered to interact with, and receive from, corporate professionals, highly qualified teaching professors, and their peers from around the world.