2019 Sunshine Packing List

2019 Official Sunshine Camp Packing List

Dear International Volunteers:

Welcome to the Sunshine International Program in this summer, we are delighted to have you with us to serve university students in China. You should come prepared for high temperature, which can rise to as high as 100 degrees F (37-38 degrees C) with high humidity (around 84%) in summer in Chengdu.

The following list is intended as a suggestion only and is not exhaustive. Please use your personal judgment and best discretion when considering the items below.

General Items:  
Passport / Visa (also an additional photocopy of passport photo page and China visa page).  Have your driver license (photo ID as well) . ATM Card (ATM’s are available on arrival at the airport and you can withdraw cash on arrival.) Make sure you have your card and pin number.  Ask your bank for further information. Alert your bank to the fact that you will be travelling to China.

Renminbi - local currency RMB
You may plan to use the Currency exchange booth at the Terminal 1 arrival hall of the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (RMB 60, approximate $8, processing fee applies).
Alternatively, you may exchange USD for RMB directly with us, should you require this service please find Tina Zhang at the CEO Global office on campus during camp.

When you arrive at the airport meet at the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall Information desk and Exit 01 beside the information desk. Shuttles are arranged to pick you up at the airport on Saturday, July 13. 







Also important:
-  Make several copies of your travel itinerary details, passport info and visa page. Keep a copy with you, but separate from your actual passport etc, then place your other copies in different locations in case a bag is lost.

Campus Payment card
Upon arrival at the campus you will be given a payment card with sufficient funds for campus meals and showers (RMB 1 for 20 minutes) for use during the pre-camp training days. During the camp meals are complementary in the cafeteria. You may choose to recharge your card at the convenience store on campus for additional usage or to use the laundry machine (RMB 3.60 per load).

You may bring items such as a cell phone, an iPad, a small computer, a camera etc. You may have the opportunity to create or contribute to a presentation during camp. But the rule is, do not bring any valuables that you would be too upset about having lost or stolen.  Our situation is mostly secure, but as with all travel, it is best to plan ahead and be aware. Most US cell phones can be activated to work in Hong Kong.  Contact your service provider for your options.

Air Travel Planning

Packing Guidelines for your flight to China:
Many airlines are now charging for each checked bag.  Internationally a checked bag is usually limited to a 40 lb. weight limit.  This is strictly enforced so we recommend weighing your bag before going to the airport. Please contact your airline prior to departure in order to be prepared for possible fees.  In addition to a purse or laptop bag (personal item) you may also bring one carry-on bag.  (It is a good idea to always pack one change of clothing and other essentials with you as well as all your valuables in your carry-on bag.)

Bag/Luggage Type:
It is recommended that you use a rolling / wheeled bag as your luggage. You often will need to walk with your luggage and a non rolling bag can be very difficult.  Please do not pack more than you can functionally carry for at least one hundred yards or up three flights of stairs.
Carry-on restrictions:  Be sure to review all current restrictions and instructions through your airline website.
These include such items as: Any liquids, gels and aerosols must be in three-ounce or smaller containers. Each container must be 3.4oz/ 100ml or smaller.  All liquids, gels and aerosols must be placed in a single, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag, etc.

Clothing Information

You need enough clothing & toiletries for 12 days.

Camp T-shirts
You will be given two camp T-shirts, which should be worn at the Opening day (July 17), City Hunt (July 20) and the last day (July 25).
Here are some clothing guidelines:
Dressing fashionably and nicely is a high value in Chinese culture. China is a trendy place and people dress fashionably.  You will want to look good while still being aware of the modesty in the Chinese culture.  Your clothes should be appropriate at all times and should be comfortable to participate in all activities.  Please emphasize keeping a clean and modest appearance.

Additionally, be sure to include casual, hot weather camp experience style clothing that allow for lots of activity and movement.
Clothing & Weather & Other Options
The weather will be extremely hot and humid, (95 degrees day - 80% humidity) so bring clothes that breathe and are lightweight. A cotton / synthetic blend is often good for this.  You will need to bring a variety of clothing that is casual, athletic and a little nicer (but not necessarily dressy).  Keep in mind, there will be mosquitos.
-  2 pairs of casual pants / jeans / capri’s (keep them thin and lightweight for hot weather)
-  2 pairs of shorts (A modest length is important and required - minimum mid thigh length)
-  Girls - dresses and skirts are OK for some activities
-  Belt
-  4 T-shirts / casual tops Note: The camp will provide you with 2 camp t-shirts for the first and last day of the camp.
-  Guys - 3 collared shirts such as golf style shirts or button down shirts
-  Active wear - sports or exercise type clothing
-  Modest sleepwear.
- Earplugs
- Sleeping mask (blindfold)
- Alarm clock
-  Underwear and socks (8 - 10 changes of each)
-  Shower sandals
-  Tennis shoes / active footwear
-  Sun hat / cap
- Sunglasses as may be desired
-  A light sweatshirt / hoodie / jacket
- Lightweight rain gear
- Laundry powder - a small quantity for using the dorm laundry machines.
-  Water bottle
-  Laundry bag as may be desired
-  Small flashlight as may be desired
-  Personal pen, notebook, pencil, eraser, etc.
-  Umbrella as may be desired
-  Anti-mosquito spray (Deet) especially if you are a mosquito magnet.

Girls: Shorts, skirts and dresses should be at least 2 inches below your fingers when your arms are extended down at your side.  No bare midriffs or low cut shirt lines. No tight, revealing or worn out clothes.  Please remember that you will need to dress appropriately for camp activities.  No short shorts, short skirts or other clothes that would be revealing during the various high-energy activities in the camp.  Make sure your clothes have no rips or tears. Note:  You may be asked to change your clothes if they are deemed inappropriate by program leadership.
Guys & Girls: Please don’t bring any shirts / clothing with questionable, suggestive or inappropriate images or words printed on them.  Avoid any country’s flags or political content. Note: Certain printing or images that you consider acceptable may not be appropriate in the camp. If any camp coach or staff asks you change your clothing, please do so in order to be sensitive to the Chinese context.
Shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking each day, and all camp events are active and interactive. Your shoes should be versatile, supportive, protective and comfortable for this.  Tennis shoes or sandals are OK if they fit this criteria. I.e.Teva and Chaco brand / style sandals are supportive and appropriate.  Note:  We DO NOT recommend flip flops (except as shower sandals).


-  Toiletry bag that can be brought into the shower
-  Wash cloth & towel
-  Toothbrush & toothpaste
-  Shampoo & conditioner
-  Deodorant
-  Shower soap & travel soap container
-  Shaving items
- Hair products
-  Wet wipes
-  Hand sanitizer (small to fit in purse or pocket)
-  Comb or brush
-  Hairdryer (remember - 220v)
-  Body powder (as may be desired)
-  Body lotion (as may be desired)
-  Contact lens solution & extra contacts etc
-  Small pocket tissue packs (these can be used for toilet paper)
- Girls - basic make up, personal sanitary items

Bring with you any medications you regularly need.  Plan to have any essential meds in your carry-on luggage or on your person. If you know of any specific allergy that requires medication, please bring any medication and inform our staff and your leaders of your allergy. Please make sure to indicate any relevant medical conditions or needs to your group leader.

Note: If you have any special medical needs, such as refrigeration for insulin, etc., you will need to communicate this need well in advance of your arrival at the camp program in order for proper arrangements to be made.
Basic Medicines and Supplies ideas:
-  Advil
- Vitamins, Vitamin C, Probiotics
-  Tylenol
-  Pepto Bismol (tablets)
-  Immodium AD (anti-diarrhea)
-  Anti-fungal foot cream
-  Topical antibiotic ointment (like Neosporin)
-  Band-aids of various sizes
-  1 box or Emergen-C packets (vitamin C drink mix)
-  Q-tips and cotton balls
-  Laxative Tablets or tea

Campus Store:
A small convenience store is open on the host university campus.  These stores generally offer Chinese style food, drinks, snacks, toiletries and some amenity items such as umbrellas, batteries, sandals, pens etc.  There is other shopping available off campus, time permitting.

Dorm Facilities

(UESTC Campus Facilities Pictures here)

You will be staying in the dormitory at UESTC, with four persons per room.
- Western style toilet pedestal/sitting toilets will installed in each room.
- Each room has A/C.
- One set of bed linens is provided for your bunk. The bed also has a frame for hanging a mosquito net, if you decide to use one.
- Beds are small single bunk style bed in a dorm room. In addition to the provided linens it is recommended to bring an inexpensive twin sheet.  Once the camp is over you can leave that sheet behind if you do not want to pack it back home.

A thin mattress* is provided for your dorm room bed.  Past experience indicates the mattress provided may not be comfortable for all westerners.  If you think this is an issue for you we recommend that you bring a compact camping style, self inflating air mattress to supplement what is provided.  If you are concerned about the provided mattress,  bring a your own 'camping' mattress or self-inflating Thermarest or similar mattress that you are certain is comfortable for you, and a small comfortable pillow if desired.

Laundry facilities will be available.  Plan to have little to no opportunity to do laundry during your time at camp although it is possible during free time and at the participants own expense. If you plan to meet your own small laundry needs bring a travel clothes line for your use.
Again - You may bring items such as a cell phone and earphones, or iPad, or laptop computer, a camera etc...You may have opportunity to compile a presentation during camp. But the rule is, do not bring any valuables that you would be too upset about having lost or stolen.  Our situation is mostly secure, but as with all travel, it is best to plan ahead and be aware. Most US cell phones can be activated to work in Hong Kong.  Contact your service provider for your options.


We will have shuttle buses arranged to depart from UESTC after lunch on July 25.

Bus Departure Schedule:
o Bus 1: 14:00, 15:00 to Xipu Railway Station
o Bus 2: 14:00 to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall
o Bus 3 & 4: 14:00 to Xipu Railway Station à Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Terminal 1Departure Hall
o Bus 5: 15:00 to Xipu Railway Station à Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall

Estimated Travel Time:
o UESTC to Xipu Railway Station: 20 minutes
o UESTC to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall: 50 minutes

For those joining the Tourism Days on July 26 – 27, departure information will be sent to you separately.

Contact us for assistance…
CEO Global USA Phone: (719)581-9818
Email: Info@CEOGlobalUSA.org
Web: www.CEOGlobalUSA.org