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CEO Global USA is launching a new component to our overall vision of Developing Servant Leaders of Integrity, ‘The Way to Success’ (TWTS) Leadership Podcast!

TheTWTS Leadership Podcast aims to cultivate synergy and add value to the thousands of TWTS Alumni, friends and current students in our network. The TWTS Leadership Podcast will provide a forum for current TWTS students and Alumni to ask questions and receive relevant feedback from our highly qualified guest speakers. These questions will determine the focus and topics of the podcast program. 

Price: Free.  TWTS Leadership Podcast will be made available at no cost and will be distributed through our regular podcast subscription platforms and social media and will be circulated to our entire network of Alumni and Friends!



An Invitation to Subscribe

I  invite you to join our network of TWTS students, Alumni and friends in 2017!  This regular newsletter and newly launched podcast channel will serve to inform you of crucial topics from our TWTS program.  It will also provide you a platform where you can submit questions and comments that will assist us in determining which topics our guest speakers will address. We want to provide relevant and up to date feedback that will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you face as an emerging Servant Leader of integrity in a complicated world. 


Jonathan Nowlen
Executive Director
CEO Global USA

We are excited to let you know that Mr. Craig Holt will be hosting the TWTS Leadership Podcast!  Craig is one of our regular guest speakers and understands our vision and values.  He will be interviewing various guest speakers about subjects of great interest to TWTS students and alumni.  If you have a question you would like to submit for consideration during the podcast click the link at the top of the page to enter it.

Just to remind you of Craig Holts career here is his brief biographical sketch.

Business Development Executive within the Pacific Northwest for Sierra Systems. Prior to joining Sierra Systems, Craig was the National Practice Director for Business Transformation Services with Unisys Corporation. He started with Unisys in 2002 and led the National team that brought Business Transformation Services to the State and Local Government Sector. Craig has provided Consulting Services to a wide variety of clients include the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Washington D.C. - Department of Public Works, State of New York - Department of Taxation and Finance, City of San Jose (CA), City of Seattle (WA), City and County of San Francisco (CA), State of Alaska House Finance Committee, Colorado- Department of Transportation, and Auditor General of British Columbia.