UBC TWTS Starts here!
Develop a Successful Career!

TWTS Career Management Workshop
Saturday, January 27
11:30 Register and Free Lunch
12:30 - 2:30 Workshop
Free lunch is served
Venue: UBC The Nest, 6133 University Blvd
Michael Kingsmill Forum (4th Floor of the Nest)

Develop A Successful Career
Presented by: Mrs. Elaine Kung
Former AT&T Director, a graduate of Cornell University Electrical and Materials Science Engineering; 
Princeton M.S. Electrical Engineering;  R&D at Bell Labs;  
Network on Demand and Integrated Operations Experience. 
Received AT&T-sponsored executive education training at Columbia, 
Cornell and Wharton. Elaine received the WOC STEM Career Achievement Industry Award.


Use this link to register for the TWTS @ UBC Startup Event, January 27, 2018

UBC TWTS Startup Workshop Registration

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